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Corebar and Piloxing Knockout HERE!!!

Exclusively at fabfitness!


Welcome to fabfitness!

 At fabfitness you can change your life. At fabfitness we motivate, not intimidate. At fabfitness everybody and every body can be fit and beautiful. It is not about us. It is about YOU. It is about finding a passion deep inside of you that makes you move and transform your body into what you always wanted. It is about Moms getting back into shape, or into shape for the first time. It is about Grandmothers getting fit to play with their grandchildren. It is about YOU finding the beauty within, loving the body you have, and having FUN while doing it. fabfitness is Zumba. fabfitness is Piloxing Knockout. fabfitness is Corebar. fabfitness is YOU being Fit And Beautiful! Join our Party, Join our Fabfamily!!

Non-stop movement... non-stop sweat, Corebar® is intense, energetic, playful, diverse, deliberate, focused and...FUN.

Tonje Kristenstuen


, Corebar® training is effective and tough; this is the ultimate calorie burning workout to test your levels of fitness and endurance.

Using a weighted bar, you'll re-contour, re-define and re-shape your muscles with  particular  focus on your core, using signature Corebar® moves along with influences from traditional aerobics and resistance training, martial arts and Pilates, all in 60 minutes, helping you become Corebar® STRONG.


WHY GET Corebar® “S.T.R.O.N.G.”

S.T.R.O.N.G. is an acronym for the overall benefits you will

achieve from participating regularly in a Corebar® class 
 S stabilized spine
T tensile strength of connective tissue
R resilient muscle response
O oxygenated system
N neuromuscular integration
G get on with your life!

Corebar® is the body makeover workout to take you to your potential. Have fun, Train Hard... or Go Home!



PILOXING KNOCKOUT is the ultimate test of        athleticism and the latest release by the world-renowned fitness brand, PILOXING Knockout takes fitness to a     whole new level!

This killer workout will not only test your endurance to the max, but will push your physical abilities past their limits.  This high-intensity, plyometric, functional core-centric program, will conquer obstacles and change your fitness level to points you didn't know your body was capable of reaching.

Your Instructor will guide your through 6 rounds, consisting of a 3-minute Base and a 2-minute drill.        Each Base will take you through a whole new way of performing high intensity core strengthening exercises,      influenced by boxing, functional training, cardio and plyometrics. The drills consist of dynamic classics with a hard-core twist – core twist, push-up with a burpee.

This 45 minute power workout includes warm-up, cool down, and the raw energy that made PILOXING famous. It's sure to -- Knock You Out!




Fabfitness find its success because it creates an unmatched fitness experience. One that allows women of all abilities, ages, and fitness levels to join together towards the common goal of making themselves healthier and fitter. There is never any judgment, just honest and genuine encouragement given by not only the instructors but the members. I continue t invite friends to come, because I know it is a place where they will be welcomed and empowered to begin their own fitness journey!

- Lindsey member for 5 months!




It is a known fact the one has to be motivated to exercise. I found that motivation 2 years ago at Fabfitness. The atmosphere in the studio is nonjudgmental, positive and selection of exercise is well rounded. We are a family that support and encourages each other on a daily basis. Thank you Traci and her instructors who make working out fun instead of work. It is this motivation that has helped me get and continue to stay fit. I look forward to many more years as part of the Fabfitness Family!

- Karen member for 2 1/2 years.

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